Le Casette di Malfa



Welcome to the Casette di Malfa

We welcome and thank you for choosing "Le Casette di Malfa" for your vacation. We hope you will enjoy your stay in Salina and appreciate our beautiful sea, our wonderful sunset, our special food and our great Malvasia wine.

For the pleasant stay of our clients, please take few minutes to read as follows:
  1. Please drive slowly and prudently along our private road.
  2. Please turn off the gas bottle before going to sleep.
  3. Please keep your television or other equipment volume in such a way as not to disturb other clients.
  4. Please do not rest on the white seats of terraces objects that could dirty (id est lighted candles), do not get on it with shoes, do not and do not hang out bathing suits, beach towels and clothes on the front wall or on sunbeds.
  5. Please do not place lighted candles on the ground without placing the saucer or the earthenware bowl.
  6. Please do not bring the Casetta’s equipment outside the property.
  7. Please follow the weekly recycling waste programme and use daily the dustbins located near to the entry of the property.
  8. Remember to close trashcans and food packaging and do not leave leftover food in the apartment or in the terrace not to attract ants and other insects.
  9. Please monitor always your pet and use leash and muzzle.
  10. If not already done, please pay the balance of your stay at your arrival.
  11. If you need further cleaning or linen, please communicate it in advance to arrange the service as well as possibile.
  12. Please check lights and air conditioning off before leaving your Casetta. Please evaluate your hot water heater off and remember not to use at the same time air conditioning, hot water heater, oven and television. In case of blackout, call us. We will be available as soon as possible.
  13. In case of interruption of water supply, Le Casette di Malfa have about 3-4 days of autonomy. However, please pay attention to water consumtion.
  14. Remember do not flush paper towels or hygiene products into the toilet, please use the little bin placed in the bathrooms.
  15. Please park your motorcycles and cars in the right way to permit other clients to park or go out.
  16. Let your children play but please respect the clients relax. Take care that your children play far from wall, railings and other places potentially dangerous.
  17. Please help us to respect plants and keep garden and common areas neat and clean.
  18. Please do not smoke inside the Casetta and remember that a butt on the ground is always unpleasant.
  19. Please respect the checkout time (max. 10 a.m.) to allow the prepare the Casetta for the next client.

With your reservation you grant a deposit of 100,00 euros. If you accidentally cause damage to your Casetta, we will agree the reduction of your deposit. If the amount of the damage should be more than the deposit, we will agree the additional amount to be paid.
Thank you again for your attention and enjoy your holiday!

Le casette di Malfa

Our contacts:

(+39) 335.82.80.724
Roberto (+39) 335.52.80.242
Delia (+39) 347.81.84.268


The best rate guaranteed only for direct bookings from the website.
The warmth and colors of an unforgettable holiday in the Aeolian Islands await you. Discover the offers of Le Casette di Malfa and organize your stay in Salina.