A Private Village

Holiday houses with garden, in the heart of Malfa, Salina in the Aeolian Islands



Le Casette di Malfa form a private village, overlooking the small town from where they take their name, just a few minutes’ walk away. Bright, well-laid out, functional and discreet, easy to clean, and with broad terraces set in luxuriant Mediterranean gardens of more than 1500 m2, the Casette provide their guests with peaceful, relaxing, private holiday accommodation, in true Aeolian style. Close to the Casetta di Malfa are bars, restaurants, a supermarket, petrol station, pharmacy, health centre, car and scooter hire, boat hire, cash machine, post office.

Restauro Case Vacanza Salina Eolie
Borgo Salina Case Vacanze

Aeolian architecture

Two 19th century buildings, inhabited by farmers at the time, have been carefully rebuilt, with a conservative restoration process to create six holiday houses with a strong Aeolian identity: the local architecture is faithfully reproduced in the terraces, with their ‘pulere’, typical cylindrical columns, the ‘bisuoli’ wall seats and thatched canopies resting on the portico on a structure of wooden beams.

The humble, basic Aeolian architecture of the Casette is clear in the low, horizontal style of the period, designed to limit the height of the buildings to protect them from the strong winds.

The Sicilian terracotta paving, finely worked tiles in some of the kitchens, outside frames with blinds or shutters, internal doors with clews and the rounded shapes of the walls reflecting the local raw materials, volcanic stone used freely everywhere, give the building its unique character.
All in harmony with the simple style of the period.

This strong identity imbues every breath and sight for those who enjoy a vacation in harmony with the landscape, balancing comfort and nature, the traditional and contemporary, the silences and the delicate chimes from the Church of San Lorenzo.

Architettura Eoliana Case Vacanza Salina
Case Vacanze Salina con Giardino

The Mediterranean Garden

A luxuriant, well-tended garden of Mediterranean plants provides a fresh ambiance for the guests at Le Casette di Malfa, and contact with the true natural world of the island of Salina: a hundred-year-old orange tree, caper bushes, lemon, cedar and mandarin orange trees, olives, fig trees over 50 years old, banana tree, plants, bushes and flowers of various species and colours (metrosideros, pomelos, hibiscus, roses, bougainvillea, oleanders, wisteria, plumbago, myrtle, lantana, palms, agave, aloe and lavender), together forming a unique setting.

An area of succulents surrounds the vast block of ancient lava rock which was uncovered during the rebuilding work.
The fragrance of the species in the garden (sage, mint, oregano and basil) blended with the sea air, creates an inebriating perfume, recollected whenever you recall your stay on Salina.

The evening light adds that magic touch which makes Le Casette and their garden a true natural spectacle. At dawn, the garden is the ideal place to enjoy the new day in perfect peace. Enjoy the freshness of the afternoon, reading a good book or sipping an aperitif, around you the beautiful colours of the sunsets, orange blending to deep red and indigo. The evening is the natural time to observe the starlit vault of the sky.
The garden of Le Casette di Malfa is an environment in which to experience every moment of the day.

Case Vacanze Salina con Giardino


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The warmth and colors of an unforgettable holiday in the Aeolian Islands await you. Discover the offers of Le Casette di Malfa and organize your stay in Salina.