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Marefestival Salina

MareFestival Salina

Cinema, music, culture and fashion, in the magic atmosphere of the island where the masterpiece “Il Postino” was filmed, make the MareFestival an unmissable event for a varied audience, and a precious opportunity to get to know the actors and directors, here to talk about their lives and careers, and introduce films, books and upcoming projects.
Feature films and shorts, documentaries, meetings with actors and directors, concerts, fashion parties, exhibitions, side events this year will enliven the island’s attractive locations.


The SalinaDocFest came out of an idea by Giovanna Taviani. It was inspired by the close links with the island through long summers in her childhood and teenage years, with the white beaches of Lipari, the set chosen in 1984 by her father Vittorio and uncle Paolo – who chose Salina in 1970 as his second home – for Kaos, in which Giovanna together with her brother Giuliano and cousin Valentina – played the scene of the “dive” into the pumice.


Festa del Cappero

Traditional Caper Festival on Salina (ME). This event takes place every year on the first Sunday of June, in the enchanting little square of Sant’Onofrio in Pollara, a small village on the Island of Salina, in a breathtaking setting.
It is the ideal opportunity to discover many caper-based dishes, as well as a special day for tasting the finest capers of Salina, and other typical produce, such as Malvasia grapes, wine and preserves.

Unda Maris

Unda Maris is the Organ Festival of the Island of Salina (Aeolian Islands), sponsored by the Comune di Malfa. Four days of music, featuring the historic organs of the Island of Salina.
The concerts are free, subject to available seating, and usually organised at the Church of San Gaetano in Rinella. The Island of Salina is outstanding for its precious organ heritage, given that on an island of little more than 26 km2, with 2300 inhabitants, there are nine historic organs, some working, others being restored.


Salina Jazz Festival

The Salina Jazz Festival emerged from a twenty-year collaboration between Clara Rametta, mayor of Malfa and founder of the Associazione Didime 90, and Giuseppe Urso, who is responsible for the artistic direction as well as being coordinator and teacher of Jazz courses at the Palermo Conservatorio Alessandro Scarlatti. A rich calendar of music and sound events to enjoy, and to strengthen the interchange among the best exponents of Sicilian jazz and international artists, who will appear on stage at the famous Palazzo Marchetti, itself used for major cultural events on the island.

Palazzo Marchetti e
and Aeolian Emigrants’ Museum of Malfa

Palazzo Marchetti, gifted to the Didyme 90 cultural association by an American developer originally from Salina, is a historic residence which offers a happy, original blend of Aeolian eighteenth-century style and modern comfort. The panoramic views of vineyards and the cobalt blue Aeolian sea combine peace and quiet broken only by the chiming of bells and the sounds of nature. All around, the green of the vineyards and the Mediterranean woods, climbing over the slopes of the Fossa delle Felci mountain. The Palazzo is home to the Aeolian Museum of Emigration of Malfa, opened in 1999, to commemorate the transoceanic migrations of Aeolian people, who, during the 18th and 19th centuries, left the archipelago to head mainly for Australia, Argentina and the United States. As well as the museum, the Palazzo also hosts other notable events such as concerts, theatrical performances, lectures by literary figures, discussions and book launches, and above all, the prestigious Salina DocFest, the festival of narrative documentary, a regular and renowned annual event since 2007.



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